About Flujo Technology

We Design For You

From Singapore to the World!

Hailing from Singapore, Flujo’s humble beginnings started in 2016. Our passion since the start has been to design and create sleek electronic products of exceptional quality, and be a trusted brand to our customers. Innovation and customer-centric – with these ambitions at the core of our products, we are committed to understanding our customer’s needs. 

We design for what YOU need! Our prototypes are crafted through countless design iterations and careful testing to ensure every Flujo product you purchase is a quality one.

Flujo’s Mission

Our mission has always been simple – to create high-quality electronic products our customers trust and love. As a Singaporean brand, we take great pride in bringing you products made with top-quality material and sleek, portable design for everyday use. We’re satisfied only when you are – and so, our products are stringently tested for their quality. From the material, design and right down to the packaging, we hope to create a seamless and premium experience every time you hold a Flujo product in your hands. 


We’ll love to hear from you! Drop us a line, we’re always seeking to learn from our customers. 


At Flujo, we design for you. 


Flujo's Diverse Product Line

We are constantly listening to our customers and always innovating. As we saw the emergence of USB-C type products in the market, along with the declining number of ports in devices, we decided to expand our product lines to continue serving our customers with our high-quality products. 


Since then, we have broadened the product line which now includes high quality USB A, C series, and cables. 


We aim to be a one-stop shop for all your electronics accessory needs, and we are constantly refreshing and diversifying our product lines to serve you better.